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    The "DTMUX ground station" permit to record and play in Real time the essential parameters during a flight test or a launch. PCM Irig 106 Chapter 4 or Ethernet Decommutation board and replay signals modules coupled with visualisation Software. IRIG-106 Chapter 10 Compliant


    Exemple of a Ground Station

    The " ground station" version of the D.T MUX is equipped with "mirroring" system recorder disc and tape (DLT VS80 or AIT3 or SAIT). It can receive analogical, digital or video inputs, as well, as serial (RS232 ? ETHERNET) or parallel inputs.

    These inputs can be multiplexed and configured to satisfy your needs exactly. The boards offering these different inputs are exchangeable by the user. Chapter 10 compliant 2007.


    • Ground station for automotive, aircraft, UAV, helicopters, boats and launch vehicles
    • This ground station may be used with D.T.MUX Airborne recorder

    Our "ground station" can be equipped with different boards according to your needs.

    Universal data aquisition system software v9
    has been specially developed for Windows to integrate the last component software and to benefit the software progress in real-time acquisition and display field

    *All etep softwares products are free (Including upgrades during the 2 year guarantee period).

    Modules and options

      Analog/Sensors Modules
    • Analog 2 channels 2 x 0-6 MHz
    • IF 70Mhz Acquisition/Restitution
    • Differential Voltage "
    • Digital/Bus Modules
    • PCM Acquisition/Restitution v
    • Video/Audio Modules
    • Video H.264 [Mpeg4]/Audio $
    • Video MJPEG 2000W/Audio $
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